I have used this product and it is INCREDIBLE! I will go into detai about how and why it heals but first I want to declare that my experience with migraine and migraine associated vertigo was first rate!!!

This BIO-MAT was made in Japan because I am learning that they won’t allow products that actually cure people to be produced in the United States.  I knew a guy a couple of years ago who was inventing things (he had his Ph.D. in physics from Berkley) to clean the environment, to make people healthy, you name it. But he told me the FBI kept arresting him and telling him to stop it. He said that if he did these things our country’s financial system would fall apart. It sounded kind of crazy, especially the really scarey stories he told me the country was doing to control population. But he would know because although NASA didn’t want him making his own stuff, they wanted his knowlege. Anyway, he got to know a lot about the secrets of our government. Bottom line, our government doesn’t really want us to be healthy. They just want us to take pills which really just make us sicker.

My only guess about why they are selling it in the us is pressure. It’s been on the market for over 15 years and is world-renowned. The technology has won a nobel prize. The makers of this mat have been received by the leaders of all of the major countries around the world I would call that pressure.  I am also finding it being used in many massage salons.



I was ecstatic when I experienced the healing qualities of the Bio-Mat which instantly put me into a soft sleep. This mat uses Infrared light and Negative Ion Technology with the healing power of Amethyst and Tourmaline to deliver energetic therapeutic results. The Bio-Mat is FDA approved and is capable of the following, all of which I experienced myself:the infrared light passed through amethyst releases over 20 million years of information which is made available to the human body for healing processes. !!! (see explanation below)

Improved circulation and cardiovascular function.

Improved Immune System Function.

Relief of Pain.

Burns Calories and Controls Weight.

Eases Joint Pain and Stiffness.

Reducess Stress and Fatigue.

Reduceses Stress and Fatigue.

Improves Skin.

Removes Bodily Toxins and Assists in Detoxification.

What makes the Bio-Mat unique is that is uses 6.8 microns of Medium Human Infrared. According to NASA research Human Infrared normalizes a variety of important physiological functions, especially glandular functions. This Human Infrared feature makes the Bio-Mat different than any other Infrared device on the market.

AND, the Bio-Mat comes with a DC converter which is compatible with the human body. (AC is NOT compatible with the human body – these people have thought of everything!)

Next, the Bio-Mat delivers Negative Ions, directly to the body through the skin’s surface via conduction. This greatly differs from ambient air ions delivered through the popular negative ion generators used for air cleaning, which NASA reported only positively effected 25% of people. The direct conduction of negative ions allows for an immediate response and change in the body’s electrical field for 100% of the people, whereby cell channels are activated for a rapid return to the body’s optimal physiological state.

The Bio-Mat is FURTHER enhanced with Amethyst Crystals, known for their calming and healing effects since ancient times. In addition, Amethyst crystals change in infrared light when refracted through infrared light and it is the ONLY substance which does so. In the end, the “Amethyst Effect” comes down to: the infrared light passed through amethyst releases over 20 million years of information which is made available to the human body for healing processes. !!!

Korean researches propose that addition of the amethyst allows for greater increase in the utilization of the light by the human organism. Ah-ha!

Far infrared rays (FIR) penetrate 6-8 inches into the human body. These rays not only benefit the skin and muscle tissue on the surface of the body, but penetrate into deeper tissues. The FIR penetrates into the lymph glands, blood vessels, nerves, as well as key organs. The rays optimize health of these tissues in a number of ways. First discovered by NASA, scientists propose that among the energy spectrum coming from the sun, that the FIR waves are by far the safest and most beneficial electromagnetic energy available for the human body, directly affecting all metabolic and cellular functions.

This is just the short of it. If you have any questions regarding more of the how, what and why please leave a comment or email or call me using information on my “Make an Appt.” page.

Available for Local Healing Sessions. However, if you’re at a distance, they are affordable, go to: www.julcal.biomat.com or any of the BIO-MAT links above.

Sending Many blessings to you,



Migraine Surgery offers a complete cure for some of the over 303,000,000 sufferers of migraine in the world. It is a simple, painless surgery with no recovery period and a 90% success rate. It requires a new look at the migraine process. Let’s first take a look at the mysterious disease of migraine.

The migraine process is not well-understood. For many decades, it was thought to be due to a constriction and dilation of the blood vessels in the brain. If a physician puts a tight rubber band around a patient’s head, stopping the blood flow to the scalp, the pain will quickly stop. For some reason, the thinking changed. It was decided that migraineurs begin with a hyper-excitable brain which has a threshold which is lower than normal brains. After reaching this threshold, the trigeminal nerve sends a signal causing a domino effect. One of those dominos is called a cortical spreading compression.  In other words, a wave spreads across the brain which is not in synch with normal brain waves. This causes distorted sensations of any type, depending on where it hits: optic (hallucinations and auras of all kinds, with or without pain); otic (dizziness with or without pain), gastric (pain in head and/or GI), time distortion, body distortions and any other weirdness imaginable throughout the body. Does this sound a little like Alice in Wonderland? Many have claimed that Lewis Carroll wrote this book full of strangeness inspired by his migraine experiences. One thing is for sure, a migraine is a neurologic event that affects the entire system and the entire system suffers even when the pain (if there was pain) is gone. Recently, Dr. Blaloh, one of the oldest and well-known researches of migraine and migraine-associated vertigo has found that migraine is a problem with the patient’s DNA.

All of this research, all of this knowledge, and, as of 2003, 303 million people still suffer with migraine worldwide. Most people who treat their migraines use migraine preventatives, which are not developed to treat migraine. They are medications which, when given to patients who happen to be migraineurs, their migraines went away. These medications then have added “migraine” to their list of secondary uses. The most effective of these are SSRPs and anticonvulsants. These medications also have serious side-effects, some requiring yearly blood tests, and have difficult withdrawal symptoms.

Others who suffer use alternative methods, but these people are in the minority.

There is, however, a plastic surgeon in San Francisco, Ziv M. Peled, M.D., who has had great results following peripheral nerve surgery for migraine. To understand why, we have to open ourselves to yet another cause of migraine, such as peripheral nerve irritation (peripheral meaning outside of the brain and spinal cord). Dr. Peled first tests patients to look for a pinched nerve in their head or neck. If he finds a culprit, he then injects the area with botox to see if there is a positive response. Only if he gets a positive response will he go ahead with surgery which entails decompressing the pinched nerve. He claims a 90% success rate and on-line testimonials claim that the surgery is painless with immediate results (disappearance of symptoms) and no recovery period.

For people whose lives are robbed by migraine and/or migraine-associated vertigo, a pinched nerve in the head or neck might be a blessing, because there is an easy fix. No more toxic medications and special diets. No more money spent on alternative treatments. Best of all, no more days of agony, in bed with the curtains drawn. Not to mention the following day spent in that migraine “hangover.” And those who suffer the horrific illness of migraine-associated veritgo, I need not even mention the relief. If this condition were due to a pinched nerve and were to resolve from a safe, simple surgery, forever, I, myself, would be dancing on the roof top until the dawn!

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Celebrities and historical figures with Migraine disease include, among many: van gogh

President, and architect of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson; the great painters Vincent Van Gogh, George Seurat (after which is named the Seurat effect, a current medical term often used to describe the visual phenomena of scintillating aura aka scotoma), and Claude Monet; great authors Virginia Woolfe, Cervantes (best known as the author of the classic, ‘Don Quixote’), and Lewis Carroll who’s Migraines are said to have influenced his gifts of literature still so popular today; leaders such as Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, and Mary Todd Lincoln; scholars such as psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, and Friedrich Nietzsche, the great German philosopher and poet who kept his enemy Migraine closer; and Icon Elvis Presley, the King of Rock & Roll who struggled with the king of all ‘headaches.

The most famous performing artist to suffer with migraine-associated vertigo is surely Janet Jackson, who, in October 2008 had to cancel some of her tour dates in order to gain control of her illness…followed by Elvis.

Ohter performing artists who suffer from Migraine include Academy Award winning actress Elizabeth Taylor, actor James Cromwell who received a best actor nomination for his portrayal of Farmer Hoggett in Babe, movie star and Friends actress Lisa Kudrow sometimes suffers from attacks, supermodel and Friends actress Elle Macpherson, actress Lee Grant, Grammy award winning singer and songwriter Carly Simon, her number one single “Your So Vain” as popular now as it was in the 70′s, country singing giant Loretta Lynn, Susan Olsen of Brady Bunch fame, Star Jones of The View daily TV show, Fred Norris of the ever popular nationally syndicated Radio & TV Howard Stern Show, and endearing & powerful Academy Award winning actress Whoopi Goldberg. It is important to note that for Migraine sufferers who have certain professions, such as the performing arts, which puts them in the public eye, it becomes difficult for them to admit that they have Migraine. With hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions of dollars riding on a performer being on a set on time, the stigma of such an episodic disease can interfere with getting the best job opportunities offered to them. We applaud those with the openness and candor to have spoken publicly about their struggle with Migraine as it helps others who look up to them as role models.

Currently, some notable public figures suffering with Migraine disease are: Princess Margaret, Jennifer Ringley, the Annie Glenn (wife of astronaut & Senator John Glenn who stood up to Vice President Johnson when she refused to let Johnson and reporters into her home after a launch attempt was scrubbed–a woman made of the right stuff, we might add). Other notable Migraine sufferers include sports basketball greats Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Scotty Pipen.

Top athletes cannot hide their disease as skillfully as many actors can, as we saw when MVP Denver Broncos running back Terrell Davis almost was knocked out of the Superbowl XXXII due to an ill-timed Migraine-Associated Vertigo attack. Other gifted major athletes who currently fight one of their toughest adversaries (Migraine) include Cleveland Browns Strong safety Marquez Pope, LSU’s top quaterback Rohan Davey, and Arizona top runningback J.R. Redmond. Baseball’s David Bell of the Seattle Mariners, Dwight Gooden pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, Minnesota Twins Pitcher Eric Milton, Jose Canseco of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and Sacramento Kings Jason Williams have been struck out by severe head-pain and the deep bench of ancillary symptoms from nausea to visual disturbances. Top woman golf pro Se Ri Pak, as well as LPGA leader Kathryn Marshall and golfer Fred Couples have to overcome the unpredictable Migraine hazard. Basketball’s Sacramento Kings flashy Jason Williams and collage basketball player Jordan Adams who starts for Kentucky, both have had debilitating Migraine take them from key games.

Nationally ranked living visual artists who suffer from Migraine include our own Michael John Coleman, as well as New York painter Janet McKenzie whose work you will find thoughout the site. Other well known contemporary artists include California painter and sculpture Trevor Southy, painter Dennis Frings, and BJ Anderson who suffers from Migraine-like headaches (she is known around the world for her popular renderings of Cape Cod.)

And finally, some of the most notable migraineurs of all are mothers, many of whom around the world are challenged by mgraine and migraine-associated vertigo. Despite their disease, they go on to raise families, manage households and/or careers, and contribute to communities. Many fathers, too, are migraineurs and sufferers of migraine-associated vertigo, who continue to care for family and loved ones, carry out careers, build homes, and participate in their communities. To continually fight a debilitating disease while continuing to contribute to others makes them unsung heroes deserving of celebratory status in society as a whole, even though they are not household names. Well, they are ,of course, household names, (as “Mom” and “Dad” are household names). Most heart-breaking is when I hear from young people, very young people, who will be living with this dreaded illness their entire lives. My heart aches for them.

Because, no, this illness does not go away, once a migraineur, always a migraineur. And migraine-associated vertigo, without treatment, always gets worse, believe me.

So…for those who read this and recognize their family member as a migraine sufferer or a sufferer of migraine-associated vertigo, give them the love and respect they need and deserve.

Below is a great YouTube video by a man who suffers episodic migraine-associated vertigo attacks. My illness was ongoing, everyday was the same. Everybody is different, but this man is making a point, a point which was impossible for me when I was bedridden, but a point which is important for anyone who can do it.  So please take the time and go to this link:

Migraine Associated Vertigo You Tube

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According to Fox News: savannah guthrie

Has the pressure of the ratings war after the bloody firing of Ann Curry  become too much? “Today” show co-host Savannah Guthrie is battling painful migraines while settling into her new spot on the couch for the NBC morning  program.

Guthrie, who earlier this month replaced Curry, has been suffering from migraines so severe, she needs to see a doctor several times a week and wear dark glasses to alleviate pressure on her eyes.

“She goes to a doctor two days a week for treatment of the migraines, and is required to wear dark glasses when she’s not on set,” a source told Page Six, adding, “The pressure of taking over after Ann’s execution is taking its toll.”

Guthrie’s heath issue comes as she and the rest of the “Today” team are in a  heated battle for morning show domination with ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Early ratings showed that “GMA” topped “Today” by more than 300,000 viewers  during Guthrie’s first week as co-host.

Plucky Guthrie, 40, was named Matt Lauer’s new co-host after Curry, 55, was  unceremoniously booted from the co-anchor seat after just a year on the job.

Sources tell us Guthrie’s issues have not been noticeable to others on set,  and some told us they’d never seen Guthrie wearing dark glasses while at the 30 Rock studio.

She hasn’t missed any work because of the headaches, nor is she expected to  miss “Today” coverage of the London Olympic games that kick off next week, sources told us.

“Savannah does have migraines,” another source told us. “She’s had them for  years. They are not triggered by anything particular. If she is indeed getting  them, she’s completely capable of working through them.

“You would never been able to know anything was wrong by watching her at  work,” the source added.

Well, that’s what Fox News says. Migraines and/or migraine-associated vertigo are typically triggered by something and a typical trigger is stress.

Okay, you can’t believe anything you read or hear on the news can you?

Savannah Guthrie and her doctor should read this blog – she would certainly find relief.  And I hope, whether reading this blog or not, that she does. Nobody should suffer from this illness, that’s why I take the time I do blogging to you.

As always,


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