Migraine and, thus, migraine-associated vertigo, occurs more often in women than in men. Although migraine is equally common in young girls and boys, the number of girls affected increases sharply after the onset of menstruation. Hormonal changes that occur during puberty in girls are clearly implicated in the triggering and frequency of menstrual migraine and migraine-associated vertigo in women.

Documentation regarding Menstrual Migraine…

60% of women who suffer with migraine relate their attacks to their menstrual cycles. They report that attacks occur several days before or during the menstrual period. Mid-cycle migraines may also occur at the time of ovulation. Estrogen levels fluctuate throughout the menstrual cycle. Migraines occur in association with drops in estrogen level.

However, few women (less than 10%) have headaches only with menses. Thus, hormones are just one of many migraine triggers their migraine and migraine-associated vertigo.

Oral contraceptive effect on Menstrual Migraine…

Oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy may also affect the incidence of migraine and migraine-associated vertigo. This was more common a when birth control pills contained higher amounts of estrogen. Some of the current tri-phasic pill products may also exacerbate migraine and migraine-associated vertigo.

Effect of Pregnancy on Menstrual Migraine…

Pregnancy has an effect on migraine and migraine-associated vertigo. Some women will find their attacks disappear, occur less often, or are milder during pregnancy. Attacks may also either worsen or remain unchanged in others.

Perimenopause and Menstrual Migraine…

As women near menopause, their estrogen levels may fluctuate more and trigger an increase in migraines and migraine-associated vertigo. Women who go through natural menopause may have fewer menstrual migraine problems than women who have hysterectomies.

To put it simply, during hormonal changes, women’s systems are simply more vulnerable, out-of-balance, than at other times. This is especially true at the onset of puberty and at the end of menses which most women report as being very difficult times to cope with. Menopause and pregnancy are typical times for the onset of migraine-associated vertigo. It’s a degenerative illness. We may have had our first migraine as a young woman and nothing for years. Then BAM! we get hit with these horrible symptoms. It’s been coming from years of living on a toxic earth, not feeding ourselves, stressful lives, etc. And we feel stuck. HOW DO I GET OUT OF THIS? more stress!

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