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Has the pressure of the ratings war after the bloody firing of Ann Curry  become too much? “Today” show co-host Savannah Guthrie is battling painful migraines while settling into her new spot on the couch for the NBC morning  program.

Guthrie, who earlier this month replaced Curry, has been suffering from migraines so severe, she needs to see a doctor several times a week and wear dark glasses to alleviate pressure on her eyes.

“She goes to a doctor two days a week for treatment of the migraines, and is required to wear dark glasses when she’s not on set,” a source told Page Six, adding, “The pressure of taking over after Ann’s execution is taking its toll.”

Guthrie’s heath issue comes as she and the rest of the “Today” team are in a  heated battle for morning show domination with ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Early ratings showed that “GMA” topped “Today” by more than 300,000 viewers  during Guthrie’s first week as co-host.

Plucky Guthrie, 40, was named Matt Lauer’s new co-host after Curry, 55, was  unceremoniously booted from the co-anchor seat after just a year on the job.

Sources tell us Guthrie’s issues have not been noticeable to others on set,  and some told us they’d never seen Guthrie wearing dark glasses while at the 30 Rock studio.

She hasn’t missed any work because of the headaches, nor is she expected to  miss “Today” coverage of the London Olympic games that kick off next week, sources told us.

“Savannah does have migraines,” another source told us. “She’s had them for  years. They are not triggered by anything particular. If she is indeed getting  them, she’s completely capable of working through them.

“You would never been able to know anything was wrong by watching her at  work,” the source added.

Well, that’s what Fox News says. Migraines and/or migraine-associated vertigo are typically triggered by something and a typical trigger is stress.

Okay, you can’t believe anything you read or hear on the news can you?

Savannah Guthrie and her doctor should read this blog – she would certainly find relief.  And I hope, whether reading this blog or not, that she does. Nobody should suffer from this illness, that’s why I take the time I do blogging to you.

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