After three acupuncture sessions I’m experiencing a noticeable reduction in my symptoms. I’m able to reduce further on my Laminine.

During my first session, the acupuncturist put most of the needles in my feet, a few in my calves, and arms and a few in my face and head. Soon I felt like I was floating in a cloud of warmth in my lower body . It was a lovely experience. This is the point – to bring my energy out of my over-excited head and down to my lower body. She also spent a lot of time in my ears which gave off a LOT of heat. It was almost as if I had a blow torch coming out of my ears!!

I was disappointed when after about six hours, a felt the energy move up to my head and I was filled with migraine-associated vertigo symptoms again. I went to bed and slept it off. The next day I felt better than my regular self, but not by much.

The second session of acupuncture was pretty much the same, but even more heat was released from my ears – however, after about six hours the energy went up to my head again and I found myself in a migraine-associated vertigo state again.

But I don’t give up easy. When I commit to something, I commit. And I also know that anything worth doing takes time AND commitment.

SO…I went for another acupuncture session again yesterday, felt heat coming out of my ears and OUT THE BOTTOM OF MY FEET! That was totally different. I didn’t feel like I was blanketed in warmth around my body – it was flying out the bottom of my feet. Something was definitely different.

Again, after six hours, a bit of energy went to my head, but nothing that threw me off migraine-associated vertigo land. Today I FEEL GREAT! I went off my Laminine completely! I feel just a little swaying, but nothing to worry about.

I have another session tomorrow. I have high hopes for this treatment.

It’s important, if you decide to go down this road, to find an acupuncturist who is really good. My doctor was NOT going to give up on me. She kept asking “how do you feel?” “Is your dizziness gone” I said, “Not yet.” She kept inserting needles until I had no rocking whatsoever. She said “remember I’m a scientist, I love to solve hard problems” THAT made me so happy. Somebody who really cares. You’ll often find that in alternative medicine practitioners. They do it for the art AND the science.

Again, she is Chinese, so she understands acupuncture as one of many types of holistic medicines and was certainly treated with acupuncture before she came to the US, and thus has a deep appreciation and understanding of it. She has her M.D. from the University of Chicago – great school. AND she graduated from one of the best acupuncture schools in the US. She also teaches TaiQi and Qigong for the local Park District in her “spare time.”

And how many migraine-associated vertigo sufferers would ever consider themselves blessed :)

More to come! I have another appointment tomorrow!

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