My story is one of many migraine-associated vertigo testimonials and may help you find your diagnosis of MAV. Reading other peoples’ dizziness stories is how I “pegged” down what was causing my 24/7 vertigo. I hope this helps you.

How migraine-associated vertigo felt to me…

I had a severe case of migraine-associated vertigo. It was so bad that I was virtually bed-ridden for over a year. When I would open my eyes, the world would whip around so fast I felt almost completely disoriented. When I would stand, the vertigo was so bad that the floor beneath me was whipping back and forth so fast, I could barely get to the bathroom. Imagine being on a small raft in the “Perfect Storm.” THAT is MAV at its worst. I spent no more than 3 hours out of bed each day. Luckily, things were quieter in the morning, and got worse as the day went on. That’s also typical of migraine-associated vertigo. Mornings gave me a couple of hours to take care of my business and make some food for myself, which I would nurse on all day. Those of you who suffer with migraine-associated vertigo can picture this: My fatigue was so bad, I would drag myself to the bathroom, drag myself into my office where I would have to hold onto the desk, long enough to make sure my business was still running. If I found myself on the floor, I couldn’t get up by myself. I had to keep my chair moving to help ease the sense of vertigo on the outside. Then back to bed for more torture. Does any of this sound familiar to you? You could have migraine-associated vertigo. I had no typical visual aura and no headache. I would count the hours until it was time to take my Ambien so that I could get to sleep. There was no way I would be able to get to sleep without it – the bed was literally bouncing up and down. I had violent 180 degree horizontal swings and vertical swings which left me with the sensation that my feet were straight up in the air and my head was straight down. Incredibly, it was getting worse week by week. I thought I was dying. I kept saying: “nobody can be this dizzy and still exist.” I thought I would eventually die for lack of being able to even eat.

My first step to resolving migraine-associated vertigo…the doc-go-round…

I finally drugged myself with a hefty dose of Valium (to calm the vestibular system) in order to get to one doctor after another. ENTs think it’s simply vestibular. My neurologist suggested I see a psychiatrist. That’s when I searched the I-net and found my diagnosis on an MAV forum. Also, on this forum I found what kind of super-specialist I needed – an oto-neurologist.

He knew within minutes of my walking in what I had – classic migraine-associated vertigo, or, MAV.

The classic next migraine-associated vertigo step…the med-go-round…

I was started on one migraine preventative after another. Finally, with four preventatives along with a hefty amount of Klonopin, although still very dizzy, and very uncomfortable, I was able to be somewhat functional around the house. I was unable to get out because I could not tolerate the movement of the car – it would bring on intolerable dizziness. There was nothing more medicine could offer me – this was to be my life – at 55 years of age.

Ah, finally, something more than a Band-Aid from this torture…Laminine!

THEN…a close friend introduced me to Laminine. I listened to the doctor’s call and didn’t hesitate. The “sign-up” is free (to get it at wholesale price), so I signed up and waited anxiously for my first shipment which came in a few days. I started to feel my detox very quickly as well as a feeling of well-being, and very deep sleep. I couldn’t believe it. I immediately went on autoship.

As well, I suffered with high cholesterol, triglycerides and rising blood sugar. My next lab tests showed that these had all normalized. My skin texture is also silky.

The bottom line is this: Laminine gives my body what it needs for healing pathways to do their job. My cells are regenerating. Corrupted cells are dying, as they are meant to be and new cells are taking their place. My energy is high and my sleep is good. (I had previously been on Ambien for ten years)

I have shared my story with many people with different illnesses and they have had the same result.

My life has been changed due to Laminine. I once thought I would die with MAV – I wanted to die. Now I know I will live a long healthy, happy life.

My mission in life is to snuff out this horrible illness using whatever measures it takes. Diet, medications, supplements, natural products which opens the body’s own natural pathways to healing. Living with MAV is torture and it will not stop on its own – it will only get worse. So take action – now!

Please feel free to leave YOUR MAV story! This will help other migraine-associated vertigo sufferers recognize what crazy illness they’re suffering from. (One out-spoken forum member used to say “Who made up this crazy illness?!?”) If you do leave your story I’ll put it the “What’s YOUR Story” category to make it easy for others to find.

Many thanks!